About Us

1. Background • CompanyHistory

Established in 2013, HANDY SERV CON (Pty) Ltd is 100% black-owned - (EME) founded by Mr Thabo Jele. As a Managing Member of this organization, I have been part of the NYDA Entrepreneurship development program and the AWETHU PROJECT incubation program. Mr Thabo Jele is responsible for the overall performance of HANDY SERV CON (Pty) Ltd as well the furthering of organizational interests. • What we do HANDY SERV CON (Pty) Ltd provides a number of construction services to wholesale/supplies and professional services.

Strategy & Vision

Vision statement

HANDY SERV CON (Pty) Ltd is driven by passion, great ideas, dreams and the burning desire to succeed in the world of business.

Mission statement

We at HANDY SERV CON aims to build a sustainable brands through our products and services which will benefit our customers, youth and communities.


  • Build a trustful and suitable business.

Business goals & objectives

  • We strive to build a legacy that will create a better future for all for years to come.

Growth strategy

  • Not only having sustainable solutions to the troubles at hand but also giving the youth the platform to share, communicate and implement ideas within the business environment.